In time we hope to be able to completely outfit you for ECW or London Trayned Band reenactment and also for 17th C. and 18th C. Highland reenactment. All of the items listed here are appropriate for pre-1600 reenactment unless otherwise noted. We are able to make French and Indian war military belts for carrying your bayonet and tomahawk! Contact us for pricing.

As we make each piece by hand (unless otherwise noted), the actual item shipped may look slightly different from the pictures.

We are looking for a source for buff leather for making Revolutionary War baldrics and belts. If you know of a source please contact us.


We will make custom pieces based off of historical designs or your own design. Only pictures from museum collections or off of portraits will be accepted. We are able to embellish pieces with leather carving. Price will be based upon complexity of design. We now offer a Mary Rose hanger. Email for details.

Sword Hangers

Our standard hangers are constructed from vegetable tanned leather, and brass or steel hardware. Buckles are hand sewn on, or rivetted, and hardware is rivited to the leather with brass or copper rivets. We dye the edges and face of the hangers while leaving the back natural. The picture to the right shows a six ring hanger with a 16th century sword.

Our hangers come in a number of versions, an Italian four ring hanger, a five ring hanger and a split flap six ring hanger, etc.

When ordering a hanger you may select either black or brown dye for the leather. We are also able to dye in other colors for an additional $10 charge. Please contact us if you have any questions on this.

Hangers are made in a right hand configuration. We are able to obtain left handed hardware but this will increase the time to delivery unless we happen to have a left hand set in stock.

When you order we must have your waist size over the clothing you will be wearing the hanger with, and the measurement from your bellybutton to the middle of your right kidney around the right side (for left side carry).

If you have a lightweight rapier, the Italian four ring would be a good choice. If you will be carrying a heavy rapier with a cutting blade I would suggest the six ring or the nine ring.

We will do custom pieces including doing leather carving. Price will depend upon the complexity. If you are intersted in a custom piece please contact us.

For our standard hangers we use hardware sets similar to that shown below. The hardware varies by buckle type which includes standard spectacle buckles, D point (shown below), and rectangular. Availibility and buckle types based on stock on hand. In the picture on the left, the upper left buckle is a plain buckle. We sometimes have these in stock. The other buckles are the point style which dates to the late 16th and early 17th century. The point style buckle is typically our standard type. Hangers are constructed with a belt, which includes belt ends, and the hanger itself. Each belt has a quick release hook as you may see in the pictures below. The buckles on the left are the standard buckles, the ones shown on the right are the scallop type. Prices given below are for brass sets.

Brass Buckles




Steel Buckles
steel buckles


9 Ring Hanger

Our 9 ring hanger is based off of a period design from a hanger we handled in the Royal Museum of Scotland. The image to the right is the hanger we based the design on. We use historically correct brass hardware for the hanger and belt. This hanger is appropriate for late 16th and early 17th century reenactment. The image shown below the historical piece is our rendition. This style may also be done as a 6 ring (price the same as the early style six ring). We are now connecting the stabilizing strap to the loop and all loops are sewn to the buckle as on the historical piece. $214.



Italian Style Four Ring

4 ring hangerFor 17th century or if you want a slightly more gracile hanger, the four ring will be appropriate. I have seen this style of hanger in Italian woodcuts. The piece shown to the right is constructed with period hardware. A buckle is at the back of the right hip or the left front for adjustment and a hook connector is at the front for ease in taking the sword belt off. The stabilizing strap is now connected to the first ring as in period pieces. The pieces may be assembled as shown with brass rivets or sewn in place. $159.


Early Period Five Ring

5 ring hangerThis style of hanger is more gracile than the six ring. Perfect for a Cavalier from the 16th or 17th Century! We are now connecting the stabilizing strap to the loop and all loops are sewn to the buckle as on the historical piece. $164.


Six Ring Hanger

new 6 ringThis style of hanger is based off a hanger that we have handled in the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It includes a belt, hanger with six buckled loops and a support strap that crosses the front of the body to provide stability to the sword. $174.

Early Style Six Ring

6 ring hangerThis style of hanger may be seen in many of the pictures from the Elizabethan period. It includes a belt, hanger with six buckled loops and a support strap that crosses the front of the body to provide stability to the sword. The six ring hanger comes in two styles; as shown inthe picture to the right or as a more trsditional six ring that resembles the nine ring shown above. We are now connecting the stabilizing strap to the loop and all loops are sewn to the buckle as on the historical piece. $174.

Early Period 5 Ring 

This hanger is based off of a wood cut of a conquistador. We utilize steel hardware from Darkwood Armory. $140.

5ring steel

Mary Rose Hanger

This hanger is based on the design of a hanger discovered in the wreckage of the Mary Rose off the coast of England. Our version of this hanger has brass buckles and belt ends. $145.


Our baldrics and sword hangers are typically crafted from oak tanned leather. Care is taken to provide a very functional piece that is also pleasing to the eye. Upon special request we will quote pricing for hand tooling a device or design onto our pieces. If there is a specific design you would like please send us a picture and we will give you a quote to produce it. As many scabbards have various sized buttons or hooks, we typically do not cut a hole for the button/hook. On request we will prepare a button/hook hole but you will need to finish sizing it.


Our standard baldric comes with a dual hook rectangular buckle. We may also construct the piece with adjustable loops or buckles to allow for carrying different width swords. Our standard baldric is shown to the right. This baldric is $80. You may order this baldric in the standard black or brown with either brass or nickle hardware. Other colors may be available upon request. Other types of hardware and configurations are available at an additional cost. Some say that baldrics were not used prior to 1600. As just two examples portraits of Henry, Baron of Windsor, circa 1588 and or Sir Walter Raleigh, circa 1590, show the men wearing baldrics.

When ordering a baldric please supply the measurement from the top of your right shoulder to the top of your left hip. If you require a left handed model please let us know. We will also need some measurements from the scabbard that you will primarily be using with the baldrick. We need the width, depth and circumference at the mouth of the scabbard. The picture to the right is our baldric made for the Scottish basket-hilt sword that we and many others carry.

English Civil War style Baldric

We now offer an ECW style baldric. This piece may be made with either oak tanned leather or oil tanned leather. In oak tanned we may dye the piece black or brown or simply oil it for you. Oil tanned will come in either black or brown depending upon leather in stock. Price is $99. The picture shows the ECW style baldric with a Scottish Baskethilted Broadsword. Please note, with this type of baldric the fit is not "skin tight" to the scabbard.

Jacobite Baldric

This baldric is a simple affair with a single buckle at the chest and a single frog to hold the sword. It is based off of period paintings and illustrations. Like the ECW baldric the fit is not tight to the scabbard. Your scabbard must have a button or hook to keep the scabbard in place. Price for this piece is $84. The baldric may be left natural or dyed black or brown.

French and Indian War Equipment Belt

This rig is appropriate for scouts, ranger and Highland regiments. The rig includes a belt and a hanger for a bayonet and tomahawk. $110. Bayonet and tomahawk not included.

fi belt hanger

Other Items

Highland Gillies (shoes)

We now offer Highland shoes for sale. These are an early style gillie that laces up the top of the shoe, attaching it to your foot. The shoe is crafted from 5-7 oz. oil tanned leather (this depends on the leather lot we receive). An 8-9 oz. leather insole is included to make the shoe more comfortable to walk in. Leather laces are included. When ordering this shoe please send an outline of your largest foot. All seams are hand sewn. This style of shoe was used back to Roman times. $54.

Early Sporrans

If you need an early period sporran, please contact us. We are currently experimenting with designs. The picture shown to the right is a sample of our traditional sporran. The piecce to the right is constructed from deer hide and oak tanned leather. The sporran itself undyed without a sporran belt is $59. With a belt add $10. If you would like the leather dyed monotone or two tone (i.e. say black bag with red flap, etc) add an additional $5. Look for a Rob Roy style sporran in 2015.


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