Priming Flasks

We currently offer two styles of priming flask. The first comes with a brass head that is attached to a piece of antler. Availability of these flasks depends upon our source of antler. The prices range from $50 to $70 depending upon antler cost and size. Please contact us before ordering. The second type is based off our apostles pattern and is $10.


Apostles and Bandoliers

We offer chargers (apostles) for reenactment. The chargers are military grade and hold approximately 100 grains of powder. Individual chargers may be purchased for $9.00 each or $80 for a set of 10. Minimum order is five chargers. The chargers are in the rough and are ready for final shaping, sanding and painting. A bandolier of 10 apostles (painted black, or stained ebony), and a ball bag  is $140 (see picture to right shown with optional priming flask). The ball bag is closed with a leather thong and horn button on the flap.  If you would like to finish the piece yourself we can supply the parts.  For everything listed above but not put together the price is $115. You will need a hole punch and other leather working tools to complete the piece. The bag is sewn together but no holes are punched.

If you would like special configurations please contact us. The apostles hold approximately 90 to 100 grains of powder. They are beefy enough that you can ream them out further for holding more powder. We will consider doing custom apostles for you. Pricing based on complexity of pattern and raw materials. The apostles may have stray pencil marks used for drilling holes, etc. Click on this link to see a picture of an original set from Sweden that we are using as a guide for the apostles.

We will be offering a a special French century charger some time in the future.


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