Tattershall Arms is a dealer for Panther Primitives. And... If you buy through us you will pay a little less than going directly to Panther! Take a look through the Panther Catalog (available on their website) and then email us for a quote to find out the price that you will pay through us. For non-custom tents, a down payment of 25% must be made to have the tent order placed. Balance due within two weeks. For custom tents, 60% down must be made. Balance in two weeks. All sales are final on tents and down payments are not refundable. Residents of West Virginia and Arizona will need to pay state sales taxes.

Delivery of tents are made directly from Panther to you. Delivery times will depend on when during the year you make your order. During their slow period (Jan/Feb) a tent can take as little as two weeks to be delivered. During their busy season (summer and just before) it can take as much as 8 weeks for the tent to be delievered. So you should plan your order accordingly. When we give you a quote if you supply us with your city and zip code we can get a shipping estimate at the same time. The shipping amount is just an estimate and may change with the final order.

Panther has a number of pavilions for the medieval enthusiast!  The tents are based off of the spoke design.  This design allows for a single center pole with a series of spokes going out to the eaves to "spread" the eaves.  Lightweight goods may be stored on the spokes.  This eliminates perimeter poles.  Three different styles are available in a number of sizes.  This style of tent comes in a single as well as multiple rooms. tents of this type are illustrated in period drawings.

First is the round carousel which has one center pole and the spokes.  The second is a double carousel that has two upright poles that each have a half set of spokes to form two bell ends on a longer tent.  The last is the King Henry (this tent style is in a number of historical paintings) which has two of the carousel tents linked by a central "hallway" giving two living areas with a central shared area.

The pictures shown to the right are of the carousel tent with the medieval color option.

On this page you will find a selection of pavilions offered by Panther. More are available. Check the catalog for a full listing of tents including Tipis, walltents, etc. The picture at the top of the page shows a french double bell wedge on the left and two regents (center and right). It is up to you, the buyer, to research whether the style of tent is appropriate for your reenactment or recreation group. If you are looking for a medeival tent that may be most appropriate a round with just the center and no perimeter poles will be the best choice.

Two types of canvas are suggested: standard flame retardant and sunforger flame retardant. The standard is 10.38 oz cotton army duck. The sunforger has an extra treatment that helps it resist sun damage. The sod cloth is an extra 10" set of flaps at the bottom of the walls that helps with sealing the tent when a floor canvas is laid in. The setup package includes all poles, ropes and stakes. A 13 oz sunforger flame retardant canvas is also available for heavy duty tents. Wall heights and door heights vary per tent. If this is a concern please check with us ahead of time so you get the right height.

Other options are available, including: stove inserts, colored canvas (only available in standard flame-retardant canvas -- red, blue, black, green, yellow and purple), finials, etc. Email or call with your questions.

To help you with your ordering process, if you are using netscape 3 or higher or Internet Explorer 4, you may use this form to help with your order. Print out the form after filling it out and send it in.

The pictures shown on this page are representative samples of various configurations on the tents. What you order will more than likely not look like the tents shown in the pictures unless you select all the options that match the tent in the picture in question.

The Marquee

This style of pavilion comes in the most sizes. It is set up with several perimeter poles, two center uprights and a ridge pole. It also comes in two varieties: rectangular/square and oval. This style of tent is ideal for merchants, large meeting tents or for a large family that would like lots of space. Standard wall height is 6 foot. Other wall heights available. I personally use a 15x21 marquee for larger events where I will be spending more than just a night with the family.

The Round Marquee

This pavilion is a round version of the marquee. The tent may be erected with only one center pole. The prices below are given for straight walls. Add $55 for slant walls. The slant walls provide extra floor space. The picture shows this tent set up with perimeter poles. The setup package includes the center pole and perimeter poles. 

Exampes of this type of tent may be found in an historical illustration: Battle of Cassel: the French combat the Flemish (1328). (BNF, FR 2643) Jean Froissart, Chronicles fol. 28v Flandres, Bruges 15th Century. (100 x 90 mm)

The Regent Pavilion

This pavilion is great for a medium sized family with gear. It sets up with one center pole and four perimeter poles. I can set this one up with just the help of my 8 year old. The walls slant out to an octogon from the square roof portion. A separate canopy can be added for extra shade. One note on the canopy. The canopy attaches to the top of the perimeter poles making the canopy only 6' high. For shorter people this is not a problem. If you add dags to the canopy it lowers the edge even further. I own and use a regent and put taller poles in the center of the canopy making a ridge line. This helps to accomdate those over about 5'11" tall. The tent is made in one piece but separate wall curtains may be made for an extra fee. However, I do not suggest you get this option. According to Panther four additional support poles are required, two of which will be in the doorway.

This tent is similar to a tent shown in a historical illustration: Charles the Fat receiving messengers. (BNF, FR 2813) fol. 164 Grandes Chroniques de France France, Paris, 14th Century. (60 x 65 mm)

French Double Bell Wedge

This tent is a good choice for a couple with small amounts of gear. If you have a small family or a good deal of gear you may want to select another tent. The setup package for this tent includes two upright poles, a ridge pole and stakes. The upright poles are 8' tall. The setup package for the fly includes two poles, ropes and stakes.

Norman Saxon & Viking Tents

Wedge tents are some of the earliest tents. They come in many sizes with open ends at the peaks and overlapping doors. The Viking tent is free standing with a framework of poles. The Norman Saxon design uses uprights and a ridge pole with stakes along the sides. Examples of these types of tents may be seen in many historical illustrations.

Note: Pricing below is for the Norman Saxon tent. Add $30 for the Viking style. Setup package pricing and sod cloth option is only for the Norman-Saxon tent. Directions are provided for making the frame for the Viking tent.

Other Tents

Other styles of tents are available. These include medieval wedge tents, viking tents, and wall tents. Information available upon request.

When contacting us for a price quote, please include as much information as possible and also include your shipping address so we may give you an accurate quote including shipping costs. Please also include your choice in dags. The more complex dags (E&G) will cost more. The final price for your tent will be determined by the current prices from Panther.

When using the catalog, please be aware that the pictures are sample configurations and may not represent what you get with the standard tents, flys and setup packages. This is especially true for the color photos in the center of the main catalog. If you are unsure what is included in a setup package please ask.

The picture to the right is of the owner's sons, Rhys and Tieg, in front of their Regent tent. The picture is looking at the 16x16 tent with canopy attached.

Panther fully guarantees their tents. All warranty work will be supplied through them. Tents are drop-shipped directly to you from Panther. Once payment has been recieved and the order placed the order is final. Some minor changes may be able to be made to the order but no refunds may be given. If you need service work done please email me for the Panther invoice number.

About Historical Tents

If you are interested in researching historical tents so that you may pick out an appropriate tent you may start with this link:


If you are part of a reenactment group you should research your tent design carefully before purchasing a tent to make sure you have a good representation of a tent used in the time period you are portraying.

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